All You Need is Love

February 12, 2015

  It's just a few more days till Valentine's Day and love is in the air.  It's the holiday that ushers in momemtous events like proposals, marriages, and sometimes break-ups depending on whether or not a certain someone planned a romantic night out or not.  However, instead of lamenting on romantic love I am spotlighting a love that can be no greater than a father to his daughter.  

  I got a call during the holiday season from a father who wanted to give his five year old daughter a vary special Christmas morning.  He explained that his little girl had gone through a lot this past year with her parent's divorce and he wanted to give her back some of the magic of being a child.  Well, I won't say this call didn't melt my heart.  My parent's got divorced when I was five and though it was for the better, it does make one's childhood a little complicated.   

  So when Christmas morning rolled around this little girl woke up to her very own Frozen Olaf on her front lawn.  The father texted me pictures and said that they were the talk of the neighborhood, but even more importantly that it was the most magical Christmas his daughter had ever had.  

  Just call me Ms Santa Claus.