On Tuesday Sept. 2, 2013 Diana Nyad swam 103 miles from Cuba to Florida.  She is the first person ever to accomplish this feat and she did it without the assistance of a shark cage, flippers, or a wet suit.  Oh, and did I mention she's only 64 years old? 

February has come and gone, and with it goes the loveliest day of the year, Valentine's Day.  Now even though I am a female, I tend to ignore the hub bub that comes with this Hallmark holiday.  However, I still like the idea of it.  A day full of people celebrating love and trying to share it with someone else.

A couple of weeks ago Whole Foods on Arroyo Parkway in Pasadena, CA had a book signing for Conscious Capitasm, a book written by Whole Foods founder and co-CEO John Mackey.  

I should have shared this sooner, but this past holiday season the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA opened a winter wonderland.  The wonderland was not actually located on the Queen Mary, but only steps away from the historic boat in it's own 9 degree tent.  Yes, all 13,000 square feet of this ice kingdom was on display for anyone who wanted to bundle up in a cozy park

First times are always a big thing.  First birthdays, first day of school, first kisses...other firsts.  Always an explosion of emotions.